Energy Generated From Agro Trash

Quarks Green Energy Private Limited is a new company that wants to change the way biogas and bio manure (also called bio fertilizer) are made.

We aim to be one of the most progressive companies in India and we will strategically make a huge contribution to this country’s economic growth, with the majority of the compressed biogas we produce being bought by the Indian oil cooperative as an effort to reduce the country’s dependency on imported oil.

We have also been continuously taking steps to ensure environmental protection by ensuring that our plant operations conform to government regulations, international standards, and industry norms. In addition to meeting the needs of Indian oil refineries, our products are used and distributed by our partner, the Indian Oil Cooperation, all over the world, promoting sustainable development globally.

During the production of the compressed bio gas, there will also be the generation of bio manure, which we will sell back to farmers in need of an all-natural fertilizer. This goes a long way to advancing our vision of creating a greener world with our bio fertilizer program, which not only helps the farmers and the agricultural sector economically but also conserves precious resources such as water and energy.

Quark wants to provide farmers with an environmentally sustainable alternative to the burning of paddy straw by having the farmers supply them with the paddy straw to be used as feedstock. The company will buy up their surplus paddy straw from them and make it into compost (bio-fertilizer) for sale to other customers. The waste methane generated during this process would be collected for use as bio-gas or electricity production—both vital contributions to India’s clean development pathway. And farmers are given a new purpose when their waste becomes something of worth.

Established with the goal of supplying cost-effective, clean and renewable energy solutions to industries and communities, Quarks bio gas has no chemicals or oil additives. The innovative products are suitable for usage as fuel for CNG and LPG conversion plants and can also be used for cooking purposes.

We help our consumers by providing top-quality biogas, bio manure, and other green energy products. We strive to use sustainable sources of power that support the environment while decreasing our carbon footprint. We believe this is what will create a better world for future generations.


Producing Energy from Waste

We aim to be at the forefront of sustainable development with its products that serve rural farming communities across India while helping preserve natural resources like water, soil fertility, forests, marine wealth etc.

Bio Manure

Bio manure is an organic product that improves soil condition by increasing organic matter content

Compressed Bio Gas

CBG has been demonstrated to provide cleaner energy.

Cleaner Energy

Developing by our company using environmentally friendly research..


Our company's products are designed to meet the needs of rural farming communities throughout India


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