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We’re the #1 Bio Manure & Bio Fertilizer Production Company

Our goal is to become one of the most innovative businesses in India, and we intend to make a significant contribution to the expansion of this nation's economy in the process. The majority of the compressed biogas that we produce will be sold to an Indian oil cooperative in an effort to lessen the nation's reliance on oil that is brought in from other countries. Our products are made from organic refuse matter such as sugarcane trash and paddy straw. In order to lessen our reliance on imported liquid hydrocarbons like LPG, we are trying to revolutionize the production of bio gas by generating fuel out of nothing but farm waste such as paddy straws which we collect from local farmers.

What we Offer

Increasing The Crop Yields Increase by 20 and 50 percent.

The system may make use of both organic fertilizer and biogas in the form of compressed fuel thanks to our approach, which can generate both at the same time. When farmers use our inputs, there is a chance that their crop yields will increase by between 20 and 50 percent. Our plants produce around 5 tons of compressed bio gas and 20 tons of bio manure each day, it is not difficult for our products to reach many parts of the country. Our plants are sold to both individual farms and large agricultural cooperatives since we have a distribution network that allows us to serve both types of customers. In addition, we have been consistently taking measures to protect the environment by ensuring that the operations of our facility correspond to the rules imposed by the government, as well as worldwide standards and industry norms. Our products are used and distributed by our partner, the Indian Oil Cooperation, all over the world, which helps to promote sustainable development on a worldwide scale. This is in addition to the fact that our goods satisfy the requirements of oil refineries in India.